I was mentored by Caroline and that was a truly life-changing experience for me, as an individual, and for my practices as a healer and teacher. It was the best support I could receive to fully tap into my power and connect with my shamanic path in a way that feels accessible, deep and personalized at the same time.

– Claire
Paris, France


Caroline is such a genuine soul and master. Her teaching softened my path on this Earth, allowed me to connect with the Divine, and make that Divine light work through my life.

Columbia, South America


I am beyond grateful that I met Caroline Padgett this year and joined her Shamanic Mentorship group. At this pivotal time in my life, this was a divine invitation to further develop my skills as a priestess and also to enhance my personal practice. Caroline’s presence is absolutely genuine and her skill level authentically high.

During our mentorship, she traveled the path of Mary Magdalene in France, and took the care to share the experience with each of us, even taking our group along in the form of crystals that she carried in her pocket. I felt sincerely held, sincerely loved and cared for, in this circle with Caroline.

– Sarah
Asheville, North Carolina


Thanks so much for your generosity and beauty. The first sound journey you shared on the New Moon was very potent and powerful for me. On that journey, I immediately dropped into a beneficial altered state where clearings and activations occurred.

A lot of emotion began to come through with immediacy. I felt held. I was profoundly graced by your ability to hold space, direct with a voice that felt soothing and commanding, and intone extremely high frequencies into the room. I felt connected to dolphin, whale, and hathor energies through that session, and it took me somewhere I really needed to go – ultimately facilitating a deep natural healing process that was already underway.

The most recent session felt a lot different. I was in a position to receive, and the climate was varied. I experienced inner sights and journeyed in a less focused way. I find you as a practitioner to be incredibly humble for what you offer, which is highly crafted and skilled communication and skills with unseen realms. I would love to work with you one on one in the future.

– Virginia
Astrologer & Akashic Records Guide


I am emerging from the spiritual closet…

As a healer. As a novice medicine woman. As a magical being. As a wild woman and leader. I’ve been doing deeply transformative work with the Priestess Caroline Padgett over the past year. She’s truly an embodied and magical leader and guide of the upper and lower realms, while remaining grounded in the human experience.

She’s supported me in my own healing and reclaiming my sovereignty. And has been an incredible advocate of the work and space I’m creating for women.

Most of all, she’s helped me navigate the journey to embrace and embody my own magic. I just heart her so much and wanted to share her with all of you!

– Meghan Corneal Chaundry
Charlottesville, VA


It is difficult to put into words what this mentorship has meant to me, and how grateful I am to have been a part of it. Caroline’s Shamanic Priestess/Magi/Medicine person mentorship has been such an invaluable and precious gift to my life. I had just recently met Caroline when I heard that she would soon be offering her mentorship for anyone interested in diving deeper into shamanic healing and energy work. At the time, I couldn’t fully or logically understand why this mentorship felt so important to me, but my soul had heard the call, and every part of my being shouted “YES”.

I had a deep inner knowing, beyond reason, that if I brought myself fully to the program, I would find the clarity that I was so intensely desiring in my life. I was holding big questions around soul purpose, relationship purpose, and how to proceed authentically with my life. I knew in my bones that with Caroline’s guidance, I would find the keys that would open doors to the answers I was looking for.

Caroline’s mentorship did just that. It gave me a toolbox filled to the brim with magical, juicy, useful tools that have served, and will to continue to serve as keys for many years to come. Caroline shared beautiful practices that encouraged deep connection and reciprocity for self, for land, and for all beings of this world and beyond. While she encouraged this deep exploration, Caroline also truly honored and encouraged participants to choose a pace and depth that felt true to themselves. These gifts and tools are now ours to have and to hold- for life. No one can take them away, and they will always be there when we need them.

The most invaluable gift I have taken away from this mentorship is a deeper connection to and trust in my own inner knowing. Through her mentorship, Caroline provided a container for each of us to safely explore, discover, develop and express our truth. Being heard, held and honored by Caroline, and all of the other amazing souls that gathered for our journey together, was truly a magical gift. The support provided by this mentorship is continuing to give me the strength and encouragement to fully step into my authentic self, and to let that self shine. And for that, I am eternally grateful!

– Emily Walker
Asheville, NC


When you meet a true Priestess and Mystic, you know. Caroline’s program and mystery school is one of the greatest gifts I could have given myself. The beauty of her sacred offering rings of the New Earth spirituality – bridging the wisdom teachings and technologies of All Worlds integrating them in a way that weaves a tapestry with the True threads of mysticism that run through the core of all these traditions.

Not only that, she delivers this all in such a real-time accessible way that allows for proper digestion, integration, and embodiment. The cadence and timing of the check-ins, homework and practical practices called forth an integrity, discipline and devotion that allowed the space for these frequencies and templates to really settle, build upon and expand themselves, creating new neural networks and re-gridding my cellular structure and DNA.

Showing up for these practices, for myself and for the collective, brought me every single week into a deeper initiation of my personal sovereign Truth and knowing, rising ever more fully into the next level of my expression as a medicine person.

These practices and teachings are now an essential part of my daily life and daily practice. I am wholly changed! Wow! My gifts, personal power, and magic have broadened and deepened, I have experienced huge leaps of expansion within my consciousness, and every relationship in my life, with all other Beings, and with mySelf first, have come more clearly into alignment with grace and divine love. This is truly a devotional path of the heart. Deep bows to Caroline and deepest gratitude for this priceless gift.

– A. Rowan ND, LAc, CST


As with any powerful ceremony it is often a challenge to reduce the experience to words. I will do my best to capture the full integrity and power of this sound journey with Caroline. With an open mind and heart, I had no expectations, only excitement! I was able to drop in deeply and quickly, with this divine invitation and in the safe space she naturally creates.

As I allowed myself to soften and relax, and fully open to this experience, trusting in myself and my connection with Source, a mystical experience unfolded. I was carried by sounds through space and time, connecting with ancient and mystical dimensions and parts of myself that I am so honored to remember. The sounds so deep and true resonated through all aspects of my being- allowing me to entrain to my highest resonance and to let go of any resistance, any at all.

My guides were so present as waves of emotion surfaced as I journeyed with the drum, the singing bowl, and her other worldy vocals. Waves of gratitude, grief, love, surrender, and exhilaration! All while being held safely in a sanctuary of sacred sounds. On a deep cellular level I felt deeply purified and upgraded…like light was bursting from every aspect of my being! An evolutionary refreshment quenching a deep thirst of my soul!

Thank you Caroline, for this incredible journey. I feel more deeply connected with myself, with Source, and with all of life, and all with ease. Your gifts are beyond words, as was this experience. THANK YOU.

– Christa H
Massage Therapist, Aromatherapy


I have so much gratitude for Caroline and her guidance and healing. The Shamanic Mentorship program was life-changing, transformative, deeply healing and brought me further on my path than any other class I have taken.

Caroline has the ability to hold all students safely, with loving compassion and powerful wisdom as she leads us all home to ourselves with joy and authenticity.

– Debra
Ithaca, New York


In one reading, Caroline plainly explained karmic patterns that have dogged my every relationship, and empowered me to change them. As a result of that reading, I was able to manifest true love for the first time. It required a total paradigm shift- and her reading was the catalyst.

I have since been to her for several readings, and each time she amazed me with her unusual combination of intuition and grounded practicality. I truly believe she saved me years of drama and frustration and gave me back the power to create the life I want.

– Whitney
Asheville, North Carolina


I thank my lucky stars for the presence of Caroline Padgett in my life. The gifts I have received in my many sessions with Caroline have been nothing short of life changing. She has supported me in deepening into a clear understanding and trust of where I am on my pathway in life, has helped me to open up to and develop my intuitive gifts, and has offered me much guidance for how to understand and work with my “support team” that is always around me wanting to help me.

I truly feel I have come more alive in myself and in my knowing of myself because of my sessions with Caroline. I am also deeply grateful for her support in clearing the many deep old wounds and traumas I’d been carrying with me for way too long, including one lingering physical pain that I’d been to many healers to address over the years, but that didn’t clear until my work with Caroline.

Caroline has a very pure and clear channel to the Divine and her ability to access such profound guidance in each and every session continues to be astounding to me. She’s the real deal, and very humble to boot. I recommend her work very highly and with no reservations.

– Ellen Kittredge
CHC, MT. Shasta, CA