Hi Friends! Bestowing a special gift to you...

A guided meditation experience to activate and align with the Earth and Cosmic Realms, and embody your Higher Self.

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I am a mystic and explorer of the Divine within and without. I believe that through the exploration of consciousness and embodiment we can move from fear into love…


I am here to help you feel your embodiment as a Wild Divine Love Creature. To live with greater ease, creativity, joy, peace, inner knowing, abundance and gratitude.

  To be able to walk into the shadow aspects of yourself, your wounds, traumas, pain, and come out more integrated and whole, embracing the dark as one with the light.

To receive guidance in the blind spots.

To empower you to shine your brilliant light and know the gifts of your own unique super powers as a sovereign divine being.

Are you ready to feel your Power, to feel at HOME in your skin as the sacred temple? Are you aching to know what it feels like to Embody your Soul?

To listen and TRUST your intuition and your connection to your guides and teachers in the subtle energy realms?

To live on PURPOSE, Heart- Body- Soul in alignment with your deepest truths and desires? To be able to express that in the world?

Feeling the Yes, yet wondering the How?

It is this alchemical process of turning our wounds, traumas, losses and painful moments of forgetting into our gifts, strengths, and magical super powers that I bow humbly to, with great reverence and gratitude as my sacred work.

It is my honor to be a guide on this journey of discovery-recovery, healing, remembering and embodiment.

This process allows for deep healing and trust to unfold the Sacred Creative Fire of your life.




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