Caroline Padgett | Priestess Healer Teacher

The portals are open.
The medicine made available.
The Illuminated Ones guiding.

Everyday a ceremony.
A transformation.
A holy remembering.

This is about authentic embodiment.
This is about radical radiance.
This is about sovereign power.

“Caroline helped me move such incredible amounts of energy in moments. She holds impeccable space filled with so much grace, compassion, and authenticity. I felt so comfortable diving deep with her, and her guidance led me to so many insights and profound healing. Her presence is a gift, and each session feels like a sacred communion. Caroline is a pure channel. She brings high frequency healing and empowerment to those who work with her.”



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Do you feel the pull in your heart for something greater?

It may be loud. It may be offered in whispers or dreams, but whatever the form or shape, it is undeniably there… inching you further along subtly (or not-so-subtly) into the unknown, into your Truth, into your Sacred Self.

Are you ready to feel your power, to feel at home in your skin as a sacred temple? To embody your Soul, trust your intuition, and deepen connections to your powerful allies in seen and unseen realms?

Are you ready to feel the fierce love that resides in your heart, for yourself and for others?

To live in PURPOSE – Heart, Body and Soul in Alignment with your deepest truths and desires?

To be able to express that in the world? As mystic, as shaman, as your Self?

Does your heart say “Yes!” but you still wonder HOW?

I can show you how.

It is my mission, my Soul’s purpose, to be a guide on this journey of discovery and recovery, healing, remembering, and embodiment.

It is the alchemical process of turning our deepest wounds, traumas, and losses into our greatest gifts, strengths, and magical super powers that I bow humbly to with great reverence and gratitude. This is my sacred work.

Experience expansion into the Sacred Creative Fire of your life.

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