Winter’s Calling | Caroline Padgett


Here, in the Northern Hemisphere we are in the middle of Winter. Winter traditionally in many cultures is the time of the inner life. The deepening of connection to your inner world, it was a time to journey, to explore the wisdom kept in long dark nights.


In the modern western world we have lost sight of this sacred time.


We fill our schedules with parties and holiday craze and consumer madness. We have forgotten the best gifts are found in still moments, the quietude of Long cold nights, the true gems found in the time of dream-work and journey


This past Saturday, the 5th,was the first New Moon of the year and in the sign of Capricorn.The sign of work, dedication, discipline. And a partial eclipse at that. So how do we blend this season’s need to stop, to pause, to dream, with the zodiacs work Horse?


We take the devotion that Capricorn offers and we recommit to the work of our interior. The Commitment to tend to our inner world and the desires that reside there. We can be disciplined in our need to take stock, to readjust our behaviors to honor our own inner authority rather than the collective cultures status quo. We can move forward step by step, dedicated to our dreams with  a relaxed action posture. We tend to our outer worlds while keeping a finger on the pulse of the inner heart beat.


This is a moon of purpose and clarity. What is your work? What is going well, where are things off? Be honest. Be sober. When we take the time to rest into these questions we know that when it is time to have movement , that action comes from the strong bones of our truth.  then act from truth. What projects are you creating that take slow and steady devotion? How can you be more relaxed yet productive in the creation?

Winter is calling.

There is a way to honor the calling of this introspective season in a busy modern world. It is called Presence. We can elongate time to become slow, spacious, serpentine. When I am capture and  in-trance at high speed, the best  most effective way for me to reclaim my space and sink into presence is a hot ritual bath. What makes a ritual bath different than a regular bath? Intention. Intention is what brings the mundane to the sacred. Actions to do not change on the outside, but our relationship to what we do does. And the key ingredient is intention, and presence. When I take a ritual bath I get clear on what is my intention, the outcome I am invoking.


Is it to release?

To Let go? To Inspire? To Embody?


It can be broad or very specific. In a presence bath. I pick my candles, run the water, add the salts, oils, flowers, etc… I get it all set up. I let me family know not to disturb me, which they usually know bath time is holy, and I enter the bathroom as I would any temple. I presence myself with my breath. I feel the air touch my body as I take off my clothes. I invite myself to arrive.


When I do a New Moon Ritual bath I either connect to the energies of the sign it is in or the energy of the New beginnings  that all New moons carry. It depends on what resonated with what is going on with me in my life.


New Moon in Capricorn Ritual Bath


Create a bath to Presence yourself to what is. Getting extra honest and real with REALITY as is. Take stock on what is working. What are you committing to this year? Have this intention and let your mind wander, let the thoughts come and go on what you are creating.

Or use the time in the path to get more grounded, come into the your earthy nature. Be very present with your Body, your joints, skeletal system ( ruled by Capricorn).

Then ask that any energy ( especially in your back channels ) be released into the water as you consciously with your presence un do the drain, stay in the tub until all the water is out. FEEL the energy leave your body, energy field, heart that does not align with your intentions.


New Moon Ritual Bath-

-2 cups Epson Salt plus oils and/or flowers.

Oils- for relaxing/\anxiety relieving if you are burnt out ( capricorn theme)


Sweet basil







Oils to honor the Earthy Capricorn energy








Steps of Ritual Bath


  • Prepare the space-Candles, Bath with salts, oils, flowers etc….
  • Sage yourself
  • State your intentions
  • Summon yourSelf to yourSelf
  • “ I, your full name, Summon myself to myself”
  • Step into the bath with full presence.
  • Let yourself be transformed-what is your intention?
  • Relax and breathe


  • Pull the plug of the bath consciously
  • Let all the Hucha/Dense energy leave your body with the water
  • Step out of the bath with right foot claiming your transformation.
  • Breathe and Feel.



So dear friend, let Winter and Baths and Long Dark Nights invoke the magic and mystery within you. Let the Winter Queen show you Her wisdom in the shadows and ice.


For this too shall pass. Spring will arrive once more, budding and brilliant. We will move with the cycles of the Earth as we are a part of Her. There will be sun and movement. But for right now, I will enjoy this still point, the darkness and slumber. May you too.

With love and warmth,