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Clearing & Upgrading the Blood to Elevate Your Lifeforce: Facebook Live


There is power in your veins. There is magic in your blood. Can you access it? Do you feel the life force flowing through you?

The blood is the ojas, the life force that brings the vitality of the Soul and Spirit into the body. You are your blood. Join us to work with Guides and sound to elevate your life force to the next level!

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Winter Solstice Ceremony

Special In-person Event!


Come sit at the Sacred Fire in honor of the Dark Night and Rekindled Light. All of you is welcome and all are welcomed.

We will spend the day and into the evening engaging in ritual, meditation, movement, breath work & receiving powerful channeled sound transmissions. We’ll be working with Grandfather Tobacco to assist us in our embodiment & clearing.

The day will be spacious and nourishing and there may even be a secret art project. The fires will be burning all day, inside and out.

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