The Petals of the Heart | Caroline Padgett

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You are invited to enter the Temple of Your Heart. Do you ever feel like you want to be in a certain place within your Heart, but you can’t authentically get there? You desire to feel gratitude or joy, but it feels elusive?

Sometimes we need to address this on an energetic and/or spiritual level to be able to receive and hold such vibrations. Join me for a guided meditation + activation to heal and awaken the layers of the Petals of the Heart.

Together, we will explore the anatomy of the Heart Center, and look at each layer of petals. Are the petals that correspond to relationships with others more closed, or more open? What about the petals that relate to Self and to Spirit?

As we explore the corridors of our Heart’s Temple, we will then linkup our Hearts with the Heart of the Earth, and then with the Heart of the Universe/the Divine. We will come into greater resonance and balance⁠—healing on karmic, emotional & spiritual levels to let in more compassion, forgiveness & joy, and a deeper connection to the Earth and the Divine.