Working with Sound & Our Crystalline Bodies | Caroline Padgett

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We have heard of the “New Age,” the New Earth, the new xyz. And yet, the world around us can seem far from that golden age that has been prophesied throughout the world in different cultures. So what gives? How do we move individually, and collectively, from a world of fear to a world of love? Through our own bodies!

We can work with sound and other tools to transform our DNA from being full of fear & ancestral programs—to crystalline light! We are 78% water, afterall. Sound transmutes & transforms old, outdated energy & resurrects the remembering of love in our cells and DNA. We will be working with sound in this juicy and powerful talk to clear & heal the systems of our body—the blood, the lymph, the brain, the organs.

Together, we will move from a body filled with trauma to a body able to receive more light & love. Bringing in greater peace, joy & fulfillment.