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a path of awakening & embodiment

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You are the Medicine Carrier.

 The Medicine Woman, the Seer.
The Mystic and Sage, the Priestess and Shaman.
The Wild Woman, the Wise One.

All is within YOU.


And, I get it.

I know it can feel isolating in our world today having a sensitive and empathic soul. It is easy to feel overwhelm and not know how to ground your energy or connect to what is real and organic and true. It is hard to rest among all the noise. I know the feeling of the heart aching to connect deeper, to have the rich interior life reflected on the outside. I know so much how it feels to be different and  that your abilities/sensitives are a liability instead of a superpower. Or to have been on a spiritual path for awhile, doing your work,  but you have hit a plateau and you are ready for the next upgrade but not sure what that looks like or even means. To have that desire for a sacred community that is authentic, compassionate and devoted to walking their soul path and evolving their consciousness. To feel met. There are so many superficial spiritual materialistic options out there it can be hard to know what is real, who has integrity, who walks the walk.

I really get it.





And I Know You Are Beyond Ready To:

  • Feel your Power
  • Access the shamanic path in a way that is accessible and personalized
  • Embody your own magic and skills as a ceremonialist
  • Feel grounded and connected to Pachamama, Mother Earth in an alive way
  • Refine your perception of the subtle realms
  • Create powerful rituals to change your life
  • Increase your intuition and visioning Skills
  • Connect with your Higher Self
  • Have a better relationship with yourself and loved ones
  •  Trust in your connection with your Guides & with the Divine that is unwavering
  • Become grounded in your sensitivities & celebrate them as superpowers
  • Clear unwanted energies in your space
  • Transform your wounds into your power
  • Explore both Shadow & Light Realms
  • Feel supported in a safe container
  • Belong to a community of like minded souls on the journey together.

Then I invite you to join us in the Golden Serpent Shamanic Priestess

& Temple Arts Program.


This is an Advanced Priestess & Mystic Program, a modern journey to Avalon & Hogwarts.

This training is a refined distillation of the most essential, powerful, and necessary tools and technologies that I have learned, integrated, and created in my nearly 20 years of study and experience in the subtle, vibrational and shamanic realms.


In this powerful program you will receive:

6 months of weekly 2 hour calls.

Live group video calls each week where you will learn and engage in:

ancient tools, modern magick practices, energy management, and you will receive profound healing. There will be an energy transmission from the Guides every call that will be an upgrade to your whole Being. All session recordings are yours for life.

12 Modules of Content and Practices.

You will receive powerful teachings and experiential practices via video, audio, and PDF. As well as additional resources.

They will all be available to you for life to go back to them over and over.  Everything is organized in the teaching portal that is easily accessible and available.

Private Facebook Group

We enter the Sacred Hoop.The Sacred Circle. We come together in a community of support and connection. The FB private group will be a rich place to share authentically, to be witnessed and held and form lasting connections. I will be actively engaged in it and there will be extra FB lives as well.

Recorded Journeys & Guided Meditations

You will receive powerful meditations and guided journeys that are only available to the participants in this program. When practiced these are life changing experiences and are available as Mp3’s and yours to keep.

Monthly Sound Transmissions

Consciousness shifting sound channelings that upgrade the frequency of your DNA & light quotient.

Ritual & Ceremony

  Support and guidance in deepening in ritual and ceremony. It includes 21 day powerful practices of ancient and modern techniques, tools, and rituals to integrate into your life regularly. These provide a shift in awareness where everyday living becomes the ritual, the sacred practice. Your life becomes the Temple space.



*Daily prayer and energetic support from me, my guides, and my altar. This is a potent container from transformation. Students feel the difference.


* We have some amazing Bonus Guest Teachers!

Sacred Business with Sora Surya No.

Sora will be sharing her expertise in what it means to honor your unique medicine and how to share that in the world through your Sacred Business.

Sora Surya No is a sacred space holder, strategy alchemist, transformative business coach, corporate leadership consultant, powerful medicine woman, business healer, international retreat leader, inspirational speaker, fire igniter, heart whisperer, and world traveler. She is the producer of Sacred Business Podcast, a co-producer of Priestess TV and the author of the Stay Sacred Journal which you can purchase on Amazon.  find out more about Sora and her work at


Embodying Diversity and Inclusion In Your Sacred Spaces

In this class, Tracy will share 3 ways you can support black and brown womxn in your coaching, healing, retreats, summits and places of business so that diversity and inclusion are natural and organic.

In Tracy’s class, she is going to share her experience of being a black woman as a healer and coach for over a decade in the personal development world and what she has seen and felt in the industry.
Tracy is an Intuitive Healer, Certified Life Coach, Soul Priestess, Seer, and Medicine Woman.  She has spent over a decade supporting and mentoring womxn through energy practices that heal, intuitive coaching that shifts the mindset, psychic guidance for clarity and alchemy practices that transform from the inside out. 
Throughout her life, Tracy has been guided to hold space for womxn as they awaken the healer within them, uncover their soul’s purpose, connect with their divine gifts and abilities, experience sovereignty and deepen their intuitive knowing. Find out more about Tracy and her work

Shamanic Astrology and the Path of the Soul

In this special workshop, Jaime will share with us an introduction to Shamanic Astrology and what makes this practice unique.  She’ll also be sharing wisdom that we can apply to our own charts and our own lives, so you can take this ancient wisdom of the cosmos and apply it to your life in a grounded and useful way.  
Jaime Fleres, founder of Sacred Heart Healing Arts, is a Shamanic Astrology practitioner dedicated to helping people use the wisdom of their astrology charts (their birth charts) to discover the intentions their soul set for this lifetime.  So they can anchor into the truth of who they are and who they came to be in this lifetime. This brings with it greater self awareness and compassion, as well as a greater sense of clarity and purpose in their lives.  In addition to astrology, Jaime offers flower essence therapy, Qoya embodied movement, and Shamanic priestess work (ritual, ceremony, expressive arts, energy work). She is also an author (her book is called Birth Your Story) and book coach for healers and visionaries.  You can find her at and

Ancestral Lineage Healing

In this class Marianne will share with us how to tend to the Ancestors safely and guide you on two journeys to meet your Well Ancestor Ally.


Marianne Mitchell is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Ancient Wisdom Teacher, Spiritual Counselor and Initiated Modern Day Priestess who deeply honors the Divinity that expresses as All. She seamlessly weaves between the seen and the unseen worlds, dipping into her immense toolkit of modalities and listens to soul wisdom with the inner ear while holding a deep space of healing and revelation. She is an Ancestral Healing Lineage Repair practitioner offering private sessions for deep alchemy and healing with our blood and bone Ancestors.  She is an Earth-honoring Ritualist, Ceremonialist and Threshold-tender.


Love From Previous Temple Initiates

I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for The Shamanic Priestess Mentorship but I knew that I needed to go deeper than I had been in my spiritual practice.

The past 6 months have been profound! I am coming out of the program a different person.  The healing and transformation is deep and raw, yet it feels like a coming home. The work is intense, Divinely guided and perfectly timed.

Caroline is a powerful space holder and teacher. She shows up authentically and beautifully, and is deeply devoted to tending the sacred temple space of this program. Being in this temple space is truly an amazing experience and you will walk away transformed.

Words can’t express the deep love and gratitude I have for Caroline and her work. I know that my journey with her has only just begun.

Maria R. New Jersey, USA.

 In the last 6 months, I have woken up to parts of myself that I have always sensed but never before known how to access. I have found, acknowledged, and honoured the witch in me. I have finally integrated past lives into my knowing of my Whole Self, and have stepped more into the Power I am capable of. I know that I am at the beginning – a baby witch, it feels – but, for the first time, possibly ever, I am deeply connected to my own Team of the Higher Realms, and my Highest Soul. I can feel the Power bubbling under the surface, and know that this was integral to my Soul Path, and being able to live into my Fullest Self in this lifetime

Erin. Washington, USA.

The experience over six months of growing, learning, sharing and receiving the magick and the essence of this Priestess work evoked so much emotion for me as I moved through the depths of my shadow to uncover what was ready to be healed.

Caroline’s magickal, mystical and powerful way of teaching, sharing and walking the beauty way opened my heart up to all the ways we connect with our energy, our soul, our magick and our medicine.

I’ve been on this path of healing work for over a decade, but Caroline opened my eyes, my heart and my soul to teachings that have burned a place in my heart forever.

Thank you for sharing you and your magick so beautifully Caroline! –

Tracy N. Georgia, USA.

Program Details: A Journey of Awakening & Embodiment

Through the Three Worlds

The First Spiral- The Middle World

Kayapacha, the middle world is the world in which we live in. In this world we enter the Temple. We remember the Temple within and we engage in powerful practices that link us to the Divine, our Selves, and our World.

We will explore the relationship of self and space and learn tools and techniques to create sacred space, bring in the divine, and work with the altar as a living consciousness and hologram of your Self.

We discover and/or deepen into the art of ceremony and ritual  and the components that make up the two. We will let our roots sink deep into the Earth/Mother Gaia and clear our own spaces/bodies of foreign or outdated energy. Here we begin the journey of energetic and spiritual sovereignty.

 You will also learn and remember how to:


  • Create Sacred Space as a Sacred Mirror
  • Engage in Altar Craft
  • Practice Ritual & Ceremony
  • Ground into the Earth with profound tools and practices
  • Clear your body, psyche, and energy field of unwanted energy and outdated beliefs (psss these were never yours)
  • Receive Soul retrieval and revival.

The Second Spiral | The Lower World

The world of shadow, the ukapacha is the lower world. Here we make the unconscious conscious. We bring to light what is in the shadows. We enrage in ancient practices that transform our fears and pains into our power and wisdom. There will be safety and support as you navigate and incorporate the places that keep you from embodying your truest, most radiant Self.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Create strong healthy boundaries 
  • Delve into the Dark Mysteries within yourself & reclaim them as a source of your power
  • Become adept at Soul Retrieval
  • Learn ancient, esoteric, and practical  techniques to heal and transmute
  • Work with Sound as catalyst and transformer
  • Journey through your energy centers to clear and amplify
  • Work with profound and rare ritual for grief and sorrow
  • Engage in ancestral lineage healing

Last Spiral | The Upper Realm

You are made of stars. Your birthright is to be connected to the Ancient Ones of Light. To receive insight, joy, peace, illumination. 

We will focus on integration and deepening into the Shamanic Priestess path. You’ll connect with your Soul, your Soul’s records,  access your next step in walking an Awakened life. We will receive blessings and powerful activations from the Ancended Being and Well Ancient Shining Ancestors.

You’ll also:


  • Progress to advanced Energy Anatomy of your Soul & Spirit
  • Journey to the Star Realms
  • Work with Sound as a channel for healing and activation
  • Connect with higher dimensional Beings & find your own unique strength working with the Light Realms
  • Learn manifestation & creation tools from a Soul space
  • Embody your Truth in your body & feel the joy and pleasure of walking your path on Earth
  • Trust in your path as a Light worker and Priestess
  • Receive a life changing Initiation from the Guides

What people love about this course

I have so much gratitude for Caroline and her guidance and healing. The Shamanic Priestess Mentorship program was life-changing, transformative, deeply healing and brought me further on my path than any other class I have taken.

Debra |NY, USA

Priestess and Life Coach-Former Mentorship Student

I was mentored by Caroline and that was a truly life-changing experience for me, as an individual, and for my practices as a healer and teacher. It was the best support I could receive to fully tap into my power and connect with my shamanic path in a way that feels accessible, deep and personalized at the same time.
Claire | Paris, France

Shamanic Priestess & Former Mentorship Student

Caroline’s program and mystery school is one of the greatest gifts I could have given myself…
She delivers this all in such a real-time accessible way that allows for proper digestion, integration, and embodiment.
Showing up for these practices, for myself and for the collective, brought me every single week into a deeper initiation of my personal sovereign Truth and knowing, rising ever more fully into the next level of my expression as a medicine person.
A. Rowan|Asheville, N.C

ND, LAc, CST & Former Mentorship Student

It is difficult to put into words what this mentorship has meant to me, and how grateful I am to have been a part of it. Caroline’s Shamanic Priestess/Magi/Medicine person mentorship has been such an invaluable and precious gift to my life.
At the time, I couldn’t fully or logically understand why this mentorship felt so important to me, but my soul had heard the call, and every part of my being shouted “YES”. I had a deep inner knowing, beyond reason, that if I brought myself fully to the program, I would find the clarity that I was so intensely desiring in my life. I was holding big questions around soul purpose, relationship purpose, and how to proceed authentically with my life. I knew in my bones that with Caroline’s guidance, I would find the keys that would open doors to the answers I was looking for.
Caroline’s mentorship did just that. It gave me a toolbox filled to the brim with magical, juicy, useful tools that have served, and will to continue to serve as keys for many years to come.
The most invaluable gift I have taken away from this mentorship is a deeper connection to and trust in my own inner knowing. Through her mentorship, Caroline provided a container for each of us to safely explore, discover, develop and express our truth. Being heard, held and honored by Caroline, and all of the other amazing souls that gathered for our journey together, was truly a magical gift. The support provided by this mentorship is continuing to give me the strength and encouragement to fully step into my authentic self, and to let that self shine. And for that, I am eternally grateful.
E. Walker|Asheville, NC

Shamanic Priestess & Artist & Former Mentorship Student

Your Guide on this Journey

The time is now.


Maya Angelou writes, “I come as one, but I stand as ten thousand.”

We are all in this together. I believe that with my whole heart. Which is part of why I am so excited to offer this program again. This is the 4th time offering the mentorship and like fine wine or mead, it gets better with age, time , and a little roll around with life’s experience. I have been devoted to this path for close to 20 years, living and breathing what I aim to share. It is a synthesis of the most powerful practices, tools, trainings, and experiences I have had. I have been in prayer and ritual with the Soul, the consciousness of this program for many, many months, long before I was prepared to announce it. The consciousness of the program is the guiding force and has raised the bar in so many ways inviting souls who are a full bodied yes to their own healing, embodiment, and awakening.

I am humbled and in awe at this process of walking the path of evolutionary consciousness and Love embodied. To walk the path of the Priestess/Mystic is not for the faint of heart, and yet, it is so necessary on our path to our joy, authenticity, creativity, and embodying our Soul’s purpose and truth.



What people are experiencing through this program

Working with Caroline is deep soul remembering. She truly walks this path with integrity. I’ve never experienced such a powerful container of support. After the six month mentorship I feel grounded in my energy field with tools to support my empathic nature. My relationship with the earth and my guides has become clear, fluid, and loving. I’m inspired to follow my soul’s path, share my gifts with the world, and unfold with the divine. I am forever grateful to Caroline for holding the Temple doors open to me. 

Savannah K. California, USA

This program was the holiest of rememberings. I came to you, to the program, having been deeply embedded in my own dark night for a couple of years. I was in the process of pulling myself out of the dark night, but this program offered me wings.

2019 Shamanic Priestess Participant.

Answered prayers are no small thing in my world. They are precious, sacred, and never what you think they are going to be. And this perfectly describes Caroline and her offerings. Through this program I learned so much about the energy of relationship. And I am NOT speaking about the typical muggle interpretation of this. I mean I really got to think, feel, and experience myself in many different ways in relation to the worlds around me. The investigation was deep, precise, and adeptly led by Caroline.

Through the last six months I have learned to locate myself, ask for parts of me to return home, and caught glimpses of why I have always been a spiritual adventurer. I have learned to graciously court my purpose, be forgiving of myself, and be patient with right timing. I have learned that there are many ways to access my inner creator, the One who always lives inside me.

Casey H. Germany.

This is about Soul Healing.

This is a Deeply Personal & Powerful Journey.

This is for you if

  • You are willing to show up for yourself and others
  • Committed to conscious communication
  • Have the time and energy to commit to the course (calls, practices, emails)
  • Respect yours and others sovereignty
  • Are willing to open to your own brilliance
  • Dedicated to your journey of healing, embodiment, & awakening
  • Are open and curious and ready to learn and grow
  • Ready to own your Magic
  • You are ready for a major life/soul upgrade and willing to do the work

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With so much love and magic blessings,