Healing the Witch Wound with Goddess Hecate | Caroline Padgett

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Summon the magic from the cauldron of our inner psyche and Soul. In this next installment of our series of morning meditations, we journey with the Goddess Hecate and explore the archetypal energies of the Inner Witch, the Wise One who walks between the Worlds.

In this guided experience, sound transmission, and energy healing, we discover where in our bodies and energy systems we are still holding the Witch Wound. By healing the Witch Wound, we can remove the barrier that is keeping us from walking between the worlds in a powerful and sustainable way, and begin to trust our knowing in the liminal spaces, finding our power in darkness.

At this time when chaos in the outer world is on the rise, and the wheel turns to the dark months, it is vital to remember our ability to navigate hidden hallways and dark corridors. This is the time to reclaim our wisdom of the in-between spaces.