Clearing & Upgrading the Blood to Elevate Your Lifeforce | Caroline Padgett

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There is power in your veins. There is magic in your blood. Can you access it? Do you feel the life force flowing through you? The blood is the ojas, the life force that brings the vitality of the Soul and Spirit into the body. You are your blood.

When our blood and DNA are clogged with programs, implants, old beliefs, ancestral patterns, and hitchhiker energies, we can feel sluggish and unable to tap into the vitality that comes with feeling sovereign and awake, even in our blood. This is a powerful chance to experience what it is like to clean your blood from an energetic and spiritual perspective.

To clear/upgrade your blood is to clear and upgrade your consciousness. We will be work with Guides and sound to elevate your life force to the next level.