Winter Solstice Activation & Blessing

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Winter is the honoring of the North, the welcoming of the Dark Night of Winter’s rest. The Solstice is simultaneously honoring the return of the Light as we open to Winter’s Call to journey deeply inward.

What have you harvested this year? What is calling to be laid to rest? What needs time to germinate in your Hearts, bodies, and minds during this holy cave time? Winter’s Solstice is a time of pause. A deep breath. The Light is returning. The cold is increasing. How do we hold the medicine of that paradox in our Beings and lives?

On this special Winter Solstice Activation we will invite the Gatekeepers of the North in as we invoke the Spirit of Winter into our circle to work with our inner Calliach, our own wild wise inner Hag and Crone. You will receive an activation and blessing to carry with you into your Solstice portal.

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