Gratitude as Your Portal to Higher Consciousness

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We all know that the more we can be in gratitude the more our lives light up. We know it is a good thing to be in appreciation. And yet, how often do we actually live from this vibrational space within us? In this Temple Transmission we will go into your sacred Heart and uncover what is keeping you from experiencing more gratitude.

We will clear room for you to feel FREE, spacious, and the lightness of your Heart and being. Gratitude is not about spiritual bypassing and making the things “all good” that simply are not. It is about tapping into an energy that lives inside you that shifts your brain and shifts your frequency to one that is more coherent to your natural state of being. Living in the frequency of gratitude changes the cells, DNA, and your life path. And here on the Earth plane I know it can be a very hard thing to do in 3D time.

Working with the sacred Heart, the Guides, your Soul, and Self, a portal will be open so you will FEEL the frequency of gratitude not as a concept but as a vibrational doorway into higher consciousness and realms. You will feel the shift in your body and heart and be able to return to that space again and again.

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