Ceremony & Ritual: The Blueprint for Transformation

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Ceremony is the ritual act of making the invisible visible. It claims what is hidden, bringing the inner landscape to life. Ceremony & ritual are a remembered act. It is in our bones from our Ancestors from ancient times. Our rituals give context and content to our spiritual practices, awakening the magic and honoring the sacred. Creating the Sacred.

Ceremony & ritual celebrate and honor our transitions, our initiations, and Awakening. It creates appropriate understanding and acknowledgement for the shadow/pain aspects of our lives and the paths we walk to become conscious & awake. There is a learned art and skill to create powerful and safe rituals and ceremonies. For yourself and others.

In this talk, I will speak to the elements and flow of ceremony, and give some tools to incorporate into your life. You will receive Divine Gifts from Your Guides and Well Ancestors to remember what is in your DNA and bones. This talk is not to be missed if you are curious about how to incorporate more ritual in your life—or if you are already holding ceremony and not sure if it is a clean container.

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